Kumano Kodo Guide Workshop Hikes

I have been working with Kumano Kodo guides to write about the culture, history and legions of Kumano since before it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I want to share these texts I have made over the years to help guides more effectivly explain Japanese culture and legions in simple English to visitors from around the world.

Inbound tourism is coming back soon!

These workshops are designed to practice the art of storytelling. Experienced guides will have a chance to brush up after the long break and aspiring guide can learn how to make Kumano Kodo come alive for forign visitors.

My work process is to learn about the route or topic, then focus on points that foreign visitors to the area will find interesting without getting too bogged down in too much detail. Making these texts is writing to the foriegn audience, not translation of Japanese materials.

The idea that you can just translate the material that is prepaired for Japanese visitors is like putting some cheese on “okonomiyaki” and trying to sell it as pizza. It doesn’t work.

Upcoming Hikes

Senmaida Tori Toge Pass - Rice Culture

Date: June 12th
Meet at Senmaida tori-toge iriguchi
千枚田・通り峠入口 Bus stop
Meeting Time: 9:30 am
Expected to finish at 3pm

Price: 3,000 yen (+500 yen for those who need a textbook & audio download)

Limit: 15名

-Please bring a lunch-

 Topics in this course can be used on many places along the Kodo, anywhere you see rice paddies.

Contact me at
TEL: 0735-23-2506
メール: office@tim-kumano.com

Featuring this textbook

Topics covered:

  • The village cash crop & traveling salesmen
  • Rice culture of Japan
  • Rice and religion in Japan
  • Rice as the measurement of wealth and power
  • The stories of Akagi Castle

Takijiri - Gyubadoji

Date: July 11 (Monday)
Meet at 9:30

Contact me at

TEL: 0735-23-2506
メール: office@tim-kumano.com

Hayatama - Kamikura - Koyazaka

DATE: August 7th (Sunday)
Meeting near Hayatama Shrine
Meeting Time: 9:30 am

Contact me at
TEL: 0735-23-2506
メール: office@tim-kumano.com